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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Technical update on BPAX

BPAX is still looking good here in our books. We didn't have the quick move up like we were expecting from the earlier charts but BPAX is consolidating nicely here in the .60 - .70 range. (original post link  http://chartsbyoriginalnewt.blogspot.com/2012/01/bpax-068-short-term-play-on-chart-and.html )
The daily chart has been trading above the 20ma for just over 2 weeks now and today (Jan. 31) we had the Psar flip below price. Two more bullish signs to go along with our upcoming FDA date (Feb. 14) for BPAX's Bio-T gel. Which is starting to show a lot of positive sentiments toward approval in the chat rooms and analyst write ups!
 I want to send a congrats to those that were patient with DHT as well :-) Possible 74% gains so far! We will be sending out an update on ITKH soon also, as we try to keep on top of our winning streak! Financials should be coming out in a couple of weeks.
Happy trading and always trade responsibly ;-)


60 min.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

BPAX 0.68 - Short term play on chart and Feb. 14 FDA run up. (FDA calander link here)

BPAX's Bio-T Gel is up for FDA approval on Feb. 14th
The chart is showing that a bottom may be forming and with the anticipation of Feb. 14 the shares of BPAX could very well see a spike in price. The price is trending along the upper bollie and above the 20ma both bullish indications. What we are looking for here is a break above $0.75 with vol. to push through and follow through and from the "breakout" there we feel the PPS could move very quickly for a nice percentage gain to possibly the $1.20 area!   

Although the daily chart is looking pretty good in our eyes, the 60min. chart is showing a very interesting and compelling pattern. We are anticipating the continuation of this pattern at least one more time to produce a breakout of $0.75

Daily and 60min. charts



Keep in mind that this is being alerted as a short term play and it is up to you to trade accordingly or to your preference.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

TNCC +147% in 2 days! Another winner in the books!! Pretty good profit anywhere along the way!!! (original post is the next one down)

Well I'm happy with these results, not bad for two days! Everyone should be GREEN and that's what it is all about!! TNCC hit a low of .15 day one and hit the resistance of .39 on the second day out and even went on to hit a high of .42 for a possible 180% and then eventually closed red on the day but still green in our accounts and since the alert!!!
I am currently on the lookout for the next winning alert, so keep an eye on your emails and congrats to all on another successful trade :-)

PS. if you are happy with these kinds of profits (silly question...?)
please help to spread the word of "Charts by Originalnewt" email service on your twitter accounts, facebook, in the coffee shop anywhere you seem fit ;-) 

Also a small update on DHT -
DHT is releasing it's Q4 Pre-market Tues. Jan. 24 (news link http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=50819852&symbol=DHT ) the price has once again bounced off of support and is moving back up, MFI is still strong and the indicators still look good. Traders definitely seem to be holding for the 24th to see what is up. I expect this report to be better than Q3, that is my opinion.
Happy trading and always trade responsibly :-)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

TNCC 0.17 Double Bottom looking for confirmation.

TNCC is on watch here for a .20 break and close above for confirmation of this double bottom formation. Lots of bullish signs are coming into this play such as the 20ma about to cross above the 50ma, the 8ma is flowing above the 10ma and slightly pulling away. All indicators are showing strength and the Parabolic SAR has flipped underneath the price (often viewed as a buy signal)

TNCC had a 100% move Jan. 17 on only 1.2mil in vol. and closed near the HOD. We believe that this stock is hitting alot of radars and if we are right this could move fast as traders come in. Keep an eye on this one In Our Opinion, and as always trade safe!!!


Sunday, 15 January 2012

DHT update - Since the original post Dec. 6 2011 this stocks price has been forming a really nice bottom ascending triangle formation. Next week could see some nice gains here, in our opinion. (link to original post)

First alerted at $1.06 DHT`s price has consolidated in a very strong bottom formation, an ascending triangle has formed and price looks ready to breakout from here. Volume has been very good through the formation as well. Big vol. in the beginning slowing through the middle then coming back in near the end creating a "V" or "U" shaped volume trend. The original Volume alert has since set up some great buying opportunities to anyone  looking to get in. Happy trading and always trade responsibly :-)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

A couple updates FBN and MWWC (original posts linked under their charts)

FBN has seen some nice gains since the Dec. 26 alert and has provided traders with a couple nice swing trades of possible 18% - 50% profits. Congrats to those that took advantage :-) IMO it would be wise to keep FBN on watch as the Co. progresses in their cost reduction and competitive action plans.



MWWC has been on a steady uptrend since the alert and there has been plenty of percentage gains to be had on this ride up. The bollies are spreading nice as price rises and shows volitility in the stock which could provide some nice day trades. I still like this stock long term and await more news of contracts and $$$ figures. Happy Trading and congrats on all realized and unrealized gains on MWWC.

If you are happy with the gains you are finding with ``chartsbyoriginalnewt`` please spread the word about this email service. Cheers and happy trading ;-)

ITKH .0019 - Attractive prices here after a 65% run over the last 2 weeks.

The Co. is making money and reducing debt according to Q1 2012 released Nov. 14 and previous PR's
(Q link)
(PR link)
This is always a good thing.
Price has found great support in the .0017 area in the past with the 52wk low being hit Jan. 3 2012 with only 5500 shares and a steady climb to .0028 since. Friday, in our eyes, has provided a nice entry on what looks to be the start of a bottom reversal that could make for some nice steady gains with each "improving" Q release. Note that the 2nd Q should be released mid February. Happy trading all :-)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

MWWC .0065 - We here believe these are bottom prices and really like what the Co. is and has been doing to focus on future revenue's and Co. expansion and growth. A conf. call is scheduled for 2nd week in Jan. (link to Co. website here)

A few excerpts from recent 2012 outlook (Link to full article below chart)

"After having successfully worked through the most turbulent time in the Company's history during the last 16 months, the Company's management and consulting teams, led by its new CEO, Charles Pinkerton have made substantial progress on the path of recovery and expect to return to substantial revenue growth and profitability during 2012. "

"Toyota...the Company's largest customer"

" our team has implemented aggressive cost-down-exercises and significantly streamlined and improved every aspect of MWW during the last year"

Expanded Customer Base
"Based on these concerted actions we have been able to significantly expand our customer base and secured many new automotive projects for General Motors, Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, and Toyota to name a few"

"we have recently been awarded interior programs for both the Chevrolet Sonic and the Ford 150 Truck Line"

New Opportunities in the Industrial Markets
"The most significant improvement in our business model has been the successful move into the industrial markets in addition to our new automotive markets. This allows us to present a strong outlook for our financial performance in 2012 and the years to follow. Over the last 16 months these concentrated efforts have generated 126 new proposals with an enormous revenue potential over the next 5 years"

New Program Launch Dates

Ford F-150 October 2011
Chevrolet Sonic November 2011

"The Company currently has executed more Requests for Quotes (RFQs) than at any other time in the history of the company. We currently have quoted 139 mid-size to large projects, some short term projects, others having a potential product life span of 2-5 years."

"MWW is commencing with its first large industrial project in December 2011."

"Currently received more than $125 Mill in "Requests for Quotes" (RFQs) for future projects, more than at any other time in the Company's history."

Share Structure:
53,044,648 O/S per August 16, 2011 filing
500M A/S
25M Float (confirmed September 21, 2011)