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Thursday, 6 February 2014

$HNSS .0013 Blue Sky Breakout Weed Play!

After our third straight 100%+ gainer in a row to start the year we now present you with a potential multi bagger in HNSS!!!
This Co. is starting into the insanely massive weed market by developing a "one stop shop" website when looking for your closest producer/retailer for one's "fix"
Next news should be about this http://bakedamerican.com/ being open to the public and should see a majority of the big players names in this sector connected to our little sprouting "weed"  HNSS!!!
Thursdays action suggests HNSS should be on EXTREME NEWS WATCH!!!
On This Breakout Move!!!
Now to the chart!
What we see here is a perfect candle pattern followed by recent high break!
The most appealing part here is the low volume that pushed to the new high as this is a sign of just how thin this stock is and we don't see .002 as any significant resistance going forward as you can see the clear lack of past activity/volume to create any real "hard to push through" areas making this a SWEET Blue Sky Runner To End The Week!!!
Trade Well and Trade the Charts ;-)
Side note: VTMB breaking out again, TCEL looking to continue soon

Sunday, 2 February 2014

$FFFC .0019 MJ Continuation

After another great gain in TCEL of 195% We are looking at taking advantage of the blazing hot marijuana sector with FFFC.
As new MJ companies come in as start ups they are going to need funding and FFFC is positioning itself to be right there to help them get the leg up that they need!
Here is a snippet of their latest PR release:
FastFunds Financial Corporation Announces Formation of Subsidiary to Provide Early Stage Funding to Cannabis-Related Projects

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, Jan 22, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- FastFunds Financial Corporation (OTCQB: FFFC) announced today it has formed a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Cannabis Angel, Inc., whose purpose is to assist and provide angel funding, business development and consulting services to Cannabis related projects and ancillary ventures.
FFFC closed Friday over the recent high made last week of .0018 and the way this chart is trading one could expect more news shortly.
We see that the 8ma is acting as support here and the 200ma is closing in currently at .0026
We could see and should expect some resistance around the 200ma but with anticipated upcoming news/events we think this bottom play can see an easy .0035 even without any developments from the Co.
Should be a very fun ride on this breakout play as it comes off bottom in this Crazy Hot Sector!!!
Trade Well and Trade the Charts ;-)