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Monday, 12 November 2012

CAHI Volume alert

CAHI had been absent on the volume for a few months then started to see some mid Oct. Today CAHI saw a record volume day on news  and spent most of the day trading between .12 and .10 to close at the low of the day on what looked like one seller wanting out at .10  at the end of the day
The trading looked really good here today with most being buys at the ask and CAHI is looking like a true "volume before price" kind of play.
Lots of buying happened today on the news of new business opportunities in Sandy's aftermath
As well CAHI had news on Nov. 6th of a completed merger and name change
The important thing to look at on this chart is not the indicators so much because of the limited trading in the past but to look at the tight price pattern since mid Oct. to today and the record volume which shows shares being accumulated on this base and we are looking for a breakout upward as shares get scarcer.
Anything under .12 should see an easy 50% on any rise above and we are anticipating a move up soon. Perhaps as early as next week, giving us all time to get in on this soon to be Popper, IMO.
I don't really see price dropping below .08 and that is our main support here. Lots of good buying today in this volume!!!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

FEGR under .001 strong accumulation

FEGR chart is in a very bullish bottom formation right now and accumulation is looking very strong here.
Notice that the biggest volume days are on the "green" price days with low volume on the "red" days.
What this suggests to us is that with buying pressure shares are obviously being bought up but the important thing about this volume pattern is that on the down or red days the shares are being held by most.
This is what sets up a nice base  on a bottom chart, once resistance at .001 is broken we should see a strong move upward and we are accumulating all we can under .001
Resistance could be felt up to .0012 then .0025 is our short term target with FEGR

Unfortunately, with blogger I can't send posts when they are written, the chart took off not long after this post. I am still sitting in the .001 range and lower for any pullbacks to support. Very strong buying came in, to take out the .0012's
We are currently looking at another bottom play with some really positive updates expected in the near future. Should have that to you this week and before any run, just dding it now.