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Sunday, 23 September 2012

THCB Updates Filings and sets a date for shareholder meeting!!!

R/M play THCB is coming together here it, Friday we saw 6 Q reports and 2 annual reports uploaded to OTCMarkets (LINK -  http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/THCB/filings ) Bringing THCB up to date now for the last two years.
Last week we were updated on a plan to move into a new building ( http://www.williamssquare.com/building.html ) and their contact info has been updated accordingly on OTCMarkets as well -
Contact Info
5215 N. O'Conner Blvd.
Suite 1820
Irving, TX 75039
Phone: 214-587-4263
Email: jerrymonday@aol.com
Friday the Co. also gave us an update on it's annual shareholders meeting which is to happen on Oct. 25 2012
Business Description
Jerry Monday, President and Chairman of the Board, announced today that Texas Hill Country Barbecue will hold its annual shareholders meeting to elect a new Board of Directors and conduct other company business. The meeting will be at Prestonwood Country Club on Thursday, October 25, 2012..
THCB has yet to indicate the incoming Co. but we are getting updated on a very regular basis and may be inclined to expect a possible name drop in the meeting in October
Now, as for the chart of THCB my enitial prediction of support at .05 did not hold (low volume can do funny things) But .03 did hold at the 50ma and price saw a nice 100% bounce from there on the release of recent filings.
THCB is looking good and getting better in our opinion and we are looking forward to more updates and the shareholder meeting in Oct. ;-)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

RFMK still loving this play!!!

RFMK has given our members yet another great opportunity to buy support right where we expected it, between .0018 and .0015, Thursday RFMK made a bounce back up to  .0026 to close at .0025. ('round about a 50% flip)
 We are aware of the bullishness in this consolidation but do not forget resistance at the 200ma (now an upper trend line in a bullish pennant) and will remain cautious as price reaches .003 area as we buy support and sell/flip resistance not the other way 'round ;-)
RFMK remains a long term play and we will bring an updated weekly chart soon. The weekly is really starting to look good and subscribers to chartsbyoriginalnewt should have a decent position already by buying the supports we have anticipated  ;-)
Cheers and happy trading!!!

R/M Play THCB is still in play for us as well, some developments have been coming in (You can keep current with Co. updates here -  http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/THCB/company-info )

Thursday, 6 September 2012

THCB .083 - momentum/reverse merger play

Lots of chatter picking up on THCB tonight, there are talks of a reverse merger here and BIG UPDATES to pinksheets soon!!!
I was able to watch this trade today and it is one of the thinnest I have seen in a long long time on L2!!!
.06 held very very strong as well today as the buyers came back on the ask for a near HOD close. I expect volume to be high on THCB tomorrow (Friday Sept. 7th) and a strong day in the stock as momentum and possibly news fuel a bull run here before the weekend!!!
Trade smart, and do your DD

originalnewt owns 16700 shares of THCB at the time of this posting (bought open market)
Side note on RFMK - we are looking for a possible test of the .0018 - .0015 support as price has closed below the first support of .0021

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

RFMK - new loading zone and congrats to those that bought support !!!

Congrats to those that grabbed any around support on the last alert ;-)
Your gains have been up to 100%
RFMK is now presenting us with another "buying the dip" opportunity. Support has moved up to the new Fibonacci pivot point which is also the 100ma at .0021.
PPS of RFMK has found resistance on the 200ma at .0029 and depending on the trading we could see support tested again in the .0015 area but most likely buyers step up in the .002 range as the 200ma gets chipped away.
This is the way I see it, please do your own DD if you haven't already on RFMK and again congratulations to those that were active on the last alert!!!
We still like RFMK for a bigger move in the future and still believe that holding a core position through consolidation may prove a wise investment