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Thursday, 19 April 2012

MRIB .0007 HOD close could see a continuation of MOMO Friday.

MRIB has had an awesome amount of volume during this bottom formation and we feel the next leg could be starting here to test the recent high of .0018 set Feb. 29 - With higher lows being set we believe time is near for a higher high to be tried.

MRIB is trading very thin right now as well, just over 5mil. shares was able to move the price up 75%!!!

This could be a GOODER!!!

Happy Trading !!!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

HPCS .011 Update (email went out late, so I updated this post today, April 09)

HPCS has been consolidating very nicely since the original alert and that is perfect, as you know we like to give time for people to research and make their trading decisions.

The price has bounced around from .015 to .0096 and closed Thursday at .012, once volume picks back up we should see a nice price increase as we obviously expect!

Also note on the daily chart that the price has been staying above support and the 20ma through this last week of consolidation, holding the 50ma as it's resistance. Another nice occurrence on the chart is the fact that the bollinger bands are starting to separate as price is in a bullish (above 20ma) consolidation.

We look forward to this coming week as many traders are making their way back to their computers after the spring break, that means more money should be coming into the markets and a lot of charts are ready to move. We are ready to find them and share with our subscribers some BIG GAINS!!! 


AFPW - .0016

We are starting to see some very bullish action in AFPW!!! The chart closed at the high of the day on Thursday at .0016 which is a resistance on the chart. The possibility for a pullback has presented itself with the close combined with the CCI being overbought. There is some major news in the pipeline that could propel AFPW over .002 with ease. We believe a new base will be established right around the 200ma currently at .0023 with short term highs reaching .003.




Sunday, 1 April 2012

HPCS .013 - Let's get back on track!!!

HPCS has shown that it has the potential for big gains as witnessed march 5th. Now the chart is showing more strength in the indicators and also a possible uptrend starting with the higher lows and higher highs being put in on the PPS.
 HPCS broke the .01 mental resistance on thursday to close above the 20ma and finished the week with a Psar flip to a bullish position and buy signal on Friday.

The daily chart on HPCS shows an upper resistance of .025 but the weekly has it closer to .03 so there is a bit of a range there should price continue upward, which we beleive it will.

The chart on HPCS is showing alot of strength here on this bottom and we are anticipating some very nice short term gains over and above the 62.5% the stock saw last week.