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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

BYSD +229% Gainer!!! EPAZ getting some attention Thursday

BYSD opened at .0048, a .0002 gap from Tuesdays close then rallied on the AH news for a possible 229% gain hitting .0158 for the high!!!
Sweet Trade!!!
The Co. Released more news midday that may keep the buyers coming but if your not in now it maybe a little dangerous.

Bayside Corp. Announces Joint Venture with C-Trade Group, for Heavy Fuel Oil Exports


EPAZ Gonna be getting some attention Thursday as well. See if this "V" bottom can breakout here! A little resistance sits at .0018 with the breakout coming after .0022
Technicals are still strong here!!!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

BYSD .0046 AH News with Bottom Chart and REDG update

BYSD came out with some pretty great news AH Tuesday and we think that the stock is sitting at a perfect price to capitalise on a potentially huge move Wednesday Morning!!!
BYSD closed Tues. at .0046 right around the all time lows and bottom of it's chart.
Perfect Upside Potential On Big News!!!
Short But Sweet Here It Is, with link below
DALLAS, July 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Bayside Corp. (BYSD) today announced that the company has been awarded a purchase order to supply 3,600,000 Metric tons of heavy fuel oil exports annually.
Additionally, the order represents approximately $160,500,000 in gross revenues every month for the next thirty-six months. Heavy fuel oil exports is the first step in the company's long-term expansion plans to develop its oil and natural gas business in the international marketplace.
Gordon Johnson, Chairman of Bayside Corp., was quoted saying, "we are thrilled to expand our revenue base with international heavy fuel oil export orders."  Furthermore, the contractual finalization of the purchase orders and the heavy fuel oil exports is expected to be completed within the next 30 days.


REDG has seen 20%+ gains on our alert here and is still looking strong after the breakout at .02 Monday. All indicators are strong, volume is consistent and news should keep coming through over the next couple weeks. We like this play for .03+

Sunday, 21 July 2013

REDG .018 Breakout watch on the heels of Comic-Con

REDG is showing a Cup & Handle pattern here and attempted to breakout on Friday
With the wrap up of Comic-Con on Sunday in which they had a booth situated beside Marvel Comics and Image Comics
They couldn't have a better positioning at this event for massive exposure!
Here are some PR links to which the CEO of Red Giant Entertainment, Benny Powell, Speaks of his excitement on the event and of present and future happenings. Incredible potential in this play!!!
(If you cannot click to link then please copy and paste into address bar.)
The Co. as of June 25th has implemented a share buyback program via the open market! This is also huge news as the Co. itself could be helping to push the price of REDG shares higher after an exciting showing at the San Diego Comic-Con!!!

2 Hour

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

EPAZ Good Day and sticking with it!

We saw a gain of  5.88% here today but watching L2 we feel there maybe a significant short position here held by the MM's.
Now the Co. itself has acknowledged  there is a 20 million share short for July already, that statement was sent on the 9th of July. Since then The stock has traded roughly around 150 million shares and we feel the MM's are caught here and were somehow oblivious to lose there short position from watching the L2 action today! Buying pressure here is the key, as to any stock, but putting pressure on the MM's here to cover higher will only lead to one thing $$$

SVFC .058 alerting once again on trend bounce

SVFC We alerted on July 7th at .048 It went on to hit .078 for the high and possible 60% + gains! Not to shabby!!!
Now we bring it back as a bounce play once again. SVFC retraced from the .078 high right back down to the 20ma and today saw a close at the HoD of .058 right on the 50ma. We are looking for the 50ma break here as the buy signal with an estimated short term target of .08 with possible breakout potential if .09 should break!
The SVFC chart is in a very strong uptrend here coming off of bottom and The Trend Is Your Friend analogy definitely applies here!!!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

EPAZ .0017 "V" Bottom continuation

EPAZ was alerted here almost exactly 1 year ago and gave our members around 300% from support lows of .01 to the high of .045!
We Bring EPAZ  to your attention here again  as we see a very strong "V" bottom being created and expect an easy 40% short term gain with the potential for a lot more should we get a .0022/24 breakout!
From there we could see the 200ma being hit which sits currently at .0039
EPAZ has seen a string of pr's lately (OTCMarkets Link) and we should expect more in the near future that will undoubtedly help push the price for a nice mid term play as well, maximizing gains for our more patient members!
Technically we see the price back over the 50ma on higher volume than what it consolidated with, also the 8&10ma's are crossing bullish over the 20ma. All indicators are supporting the bullish move upward as they to are all bullish. The 1 exception maybe the MACD currently below 0, but we have the bullish cross over and it is climbing fast toward the bullish side of the 0 line!
Strong, Strong, Strong!!! Now Let's Make Some $$$

Sunday, 7 July 2013

SVFC .048 Channel trend with Bullish Partial decline, looking to break out

SVFC has seen a lot of volume this past month and we are currently looking at a bullish partial decline in the rising channel bottom formation. As we know when finding a bottom we need volume for confirmation and with SVFC we have mega! We also want to see multiple bullish formations and chart patterns (volume, price action, indicators etc.) when determining bottom as opposed to downtrend corrections.
In the SVFC chart we see volume, Rising channel (higher lows and higher highs), Price action (trading over all short term ma's) with a bounce up from the 10ma, mid channel (partial decline)
SVFC indicators are also now starting to show more strength here particularly the CCI, Wm%R and Full STO. Look for the RSI to join in the strengthening of the stock price as it gets closer to the upper trend line and 50ma at .06 - .07
From there, should the bullish actions continue, we would be expecting a breakout and test of .09 on the 100ma
After the short week last week and continued strong interest in SVFC through that time we expect big volume to continue here pushing price up and availability of shares down creating the anticipated spike in share value!