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Monday, 27 August 2012

RFMK - Double bottom breakout

RFMK recently broke out of a long downtrend and is now consolidating on it's breakout support line.
All indicators are still showing good strength and what was overbought last week has now reset.
With the amount of volume in RFMK there could be some nice trades available buying support.
The weekly chart is looking sweet for a mid term play, accumulation should prove profitable for those that hold a core position.
RFMK recently released a shareholders update and the company seems to have some more news on the way in regards to product, possibly coming out this week.


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    1. News 28/08/12 - HexCorp, Inc. Signs Global Non-Compete Agreement with Rapid Fire Marketing HexCorp Conducting Research and Development for Future Products for Rapid Fire Marketing
      PR Newswire

      LOS ANGELES and CARSON CITY, Nev., Aug. 28, 2012

      LOS ANGELES and CARSON CITY, Nev., Aug. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Rapid Fire Marketing (Pink Sheets: RFMK) announced today that HexCorp, Inc., a California based research and development Company that is developing all current and future products for Rapid Fire Marketing, has signed a global non-compete agreement with the Company. The agreement stipulates that HexCorp will not 'knock-off' or sell technology which is proprietary to Rapid Fire Marketing's products to individuals or companies seeking to compete with the company in the marketplace.

      "We are not a one-trick pony. In fact, by the end of the year, our product line will include four products as well as sales for accessories and spare parts for all units," said Judah Neiditch, Director of Product Development and Production on behalf of Rapid Fire Marketing. "We will stay ahead of the competition and, in effect, create a moving target for competitors by continually introducing new and better products as well as improving existing products."

      Neiditch continued, "The vaporizer business is a tough and competitive business. All too often, companies or individuals that develop a new product end up with a short life because their producer will use the same ideas and technology themselves or sell the technology and proprietary parts to competitors at a discount. This enables competitors to immediately rebrand a device and undercut the prices of the original product. This leaves the creator of the product in a difficult and indefensible position. We no longer need be concerned with this potential problem."

      "When bringing an idea to market it is essential that your product, business or service brings a new level of innovation," said Zander Winstead, Senior Project Manager for HexCorp. "A good idea is a good idea, but an innovative idea changes consumer expectations and creates industry shifts. We at HexCorp have developed many game-changing products for clients that recognize industries that need 'shifts' in their targeted niche market. Launching a proprietary or 'new' idea in an established industry is a challenge, but by presenting a product that is unlike any other product on the current market can ultimately help the success of your project. Rapid Fire Marketing has identified their niche and we look forward in continuing our development for innovative and game-changing products."

      "HexCorp has been great to work with over the last several months and this agreement gives us a whole new level of comfort in our relationship," said Tom Allinder, CEO of Rapid Fire Marketing.